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Bosch Certified VP44 Injection Pump Rebuilders

This write-up is to list out all Bosch Certified injection pump builders who have an on-site Bosch 815 injection pump stand for testing and calibration Bosch VP44 injection pumps found on the Cummins Turbo Diesel. This is to educate Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel owners who there is only a handful of companies have the proper tooling for rebuilding Bosch VP44 injection pumps. This is not to steer you away from different vendors or dealers but to educate you of the fact, there is actually very few VP44 shops that do in-house rebuilding and calibration of the Bosch VP44 injection pump. I'm hoping with this article it will enlighten you enough to ask questions of the source of the Bosch VP44 injection pump, warranties, etc. This means there are a lot of vendors / dealers out there that are not tooled up for handling Bosch VP44 Injection pump rebuilding nor calibration. Now why there are so few shops that have a Bosch 815 test bench is because of the price, they are roughly $225,000.00 to purchase the Bosch 815 test stand. The Bosch License to do VP44 pump remanufacture work is close to 1 million dollars from what I've been told by one injection shop I spoke to. This was the reason why most injection shop does not handle VP44 remanufacturing because of the pure price you must pay to become a Bosch Certified Rebuilder.

Here are a few videos of the Bosch 815 test stand used for calibrating the Bosch VP44 injection pump and the Bosch CP3 injection pumps. This goes to show that all pumps must meet a certain level of the test bench before being sold.

If you happen to obtain information of additional certified Bosch Injection Shops with an in-house Bosch 815 test bench, please notify me I'll append the company name to the listing.

Added - Central Motive Power - 03/06/13

From: Cordell walker

Hey Mike,

I'd just like to let you know that Central Motive Power in Denver/Commerce City Colorado is a Bosch certified pump shop. I've seen their 6 test benches with my own eyes as well as all their other Bosch equipment for injectors and have watched them rebuild a vp44.


Added - ProDiesel - 03/09/14

From: Clunk @ CumminsForum

These guys too, I've been inside their facility, saw the big Bosch test rig too.

Added - Diesel Forward - 11/08/14

From: SlightlyHazy @ CumminsForum

Hi there. I tried to send you a message quite awhile ago about there being an 815 vp test bench local to me and was just reminded on a separate post that brought up your list but the company wasn't listed. Anyhow diesel forward in Windsor has a bench in house. They are also known by diesel injection service.

Added - Dixie Diesel - 10/03/15

From: Drinkin Diesel @ Cummins Forum

Sure is the link to their website....

Phone number : 1 888 381 1647

P.O. Box 336
200 East 16th Street
Columbia, TN 38401

Great guys to deal with.. except he had told me he has had good luck running the vp44 H.O. with 300hp injectors...that kinda worried me a bit..I declined his offer, due to trans being stock..

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