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The High idle Kits are selling quick.  We are almost sold out until the next run of them is produced.  Great them while you can!



Just in time for winter has finished production on the first 50 High Idle Switches. Almost half of them have sold already,  Hurry up and get yours before it is too late! The next run of 50 will come in the near future.IMG 20151107 105612


We have posted 20 high idle switches for sale in the store

We will shortly be releasing another 20-30 switches within the next week.  The store is currently only setup to take paypal.  Please let us know if you have any issues.  All shipping will be done via USPS flat rate box.


We are one step closer to getting the High Idle switches ready for sale.  We have 25 of them ready to ship. We are working through one last shipping detail then you will see them for sale in the store. We will keep you updated.

Mopar1973Man High Idle Kit Cabling


Thanks once again to Mikes hard work the site is back up and running as it is supposed to.  some tweaking is still needed, but now the caching issue is now fix.  



As we continue to struggle through the forum update I am happy to announce that we are steaming through the high idle switches.  We have 40 of the 50 built for the first run of these.  We still need to finish up the harness, but we expect to see these for sale within the next week.  Check the forum for more updates.

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All forum users make sure to clear all your cache and cookies before visting the forum. If its displaying badly just clear both and hit CTRL + F5 and it should correct the browser diplay issues for all platforms.

Thanks for being understanding...


Sorry gang for the down time again I'm stumbling through this mess solo and with little help from anyone. Hang in there I'll have it back up very soon.


Hey Gang... I'm getting closer to getting the forum update done. I'm on the phone as I type trying to get some server setting corrected and get the forum software finalized. It all installed and functional still a mess but I'm sure you all will help me clean it up and debug the site once I get the server issues taken care of.


I've ran into a few server problems during the the upgrade. Sorry to say it going to be some more time to get the forum updated.


10/14/15 is undergoing some updates.  We will be back up and running as soon as possible.  This update may take a few days, we will update you as we hear news.  


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